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Emotional Winners

Genevieve Votra

Paperback 9781637107645 $15.95
Kindle 9781637107652 $8.49

Being an Emotional Winner

Author uses poetic verses to inspire and motivate

A book prompted by many experiences in author Genevieve Votra’s life, as well as those of others she met along the way, Emotional Winners hopes to inspire readers to become better versions of themselves and their situations. This poetry collection is a compelling read that will resonate with all readers.

An emotional winner is a person who has made mistakes and learned from them. One talks things through and moves on to become a better person. Anyone can accomplish this if they want to. It’s okay to show feelings and emotions to one another as long as these don’t hurt the person or others. When being honest, it isn’t necessary to use hurtful words. There’s a way to say things without being unkind. Words can scar and scars are hard to hide unless they are covered. This includes emotional scars as well as physical ones, still there will be sensitivity in the scar. These poems show feelings about events in people’s lives. They also describe tangible things in this world. Things can be beautiful when they are said poetically.

Everyone has good days and bad days, happy times and sad times. Writing is an outlet of emotions for human beings, whether they write or not. The author chooses to write. She sees pain in the eyes of someone and she’s prompted to ask about their life events. She sees tears on a person’s cheek and she just has to ask if they are alright. She doesn’t see the scars on the hearts of people, but she does recognize the signs of those scars. She can never say she’s had a bad life, but she can say it’s been a bumpy ride. She sees beauty all around in the things she loves. She loves the world, all the creations and what the world has been blessed with. She captures all of these through poetic words in Emotional Winners.

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