Loving All Creation

by Genevieve Votra | April 13, 2023

God created the world, and until today we can still see the many wonders of God’s creation. The majestic mountains, the roaring seas, the towering trees these are all God’s creation, and they reflect His glory. Nature points to a creator and designer. Its beauty, richness, and diversity is so awe-inspiring that it could only come from a Creator, God. Surrounded by nature, we can’t help but feel closer to God, its beauty inviting us into deeper communion with God.

It is in this light that we understand the interconnectedness between God and creation. The beauty of creation is a reminder of God. If we are going to love God, then we must also love God’s creation. God’s creation is not some resource that we are free to use. Its purpose is not to serve us. Instead, we are to respect and treasure it. When we respect any part of God’s creation, we value what God has created.

When we are living in a world where the fruits of creation are exploited and abused, it is imperative that we are reminded that God gave as a mandate to take care of his creation. We are to love God’s creation with all our hearts, with all our strength, and with all our minds, just as we love God. We are invited into relationship with God’s creation and develop a symbiotic loving relationship.

We are called to care about our world and all of God’s amazing creation. Heeding this call can be a challenge. Here are practical ideas to encourage you to take care for God’s creation.

  1. Spend time with nature. Connecting with nature reminds us of God’s goodness, which then motivates us to care for our earth. We give thanks to God for creating such a precious and amazing world.
  2. Reduce your waste. Help reduce the burden on creation by limiting the amount of our household waste. There are multiple waste-reducing practices that you can start implementing. The important thing is doing them and committing to them.
  3. Educate yourself. Go deeper on your journey in caring for God’s creation by learning how you can better care for our world. When you better informed, you can engage in conversations with other people on the numerous issues that affect our planet.
  4. Commit to act. Solving all at once the problems that we have regarding our planet can be overwhelming. So take one action at a time. A single committed step is all it takes to reset the world and make it more reflective of God’s wish for all creation to flourish.

God made creation and saw that it was good. We must value it as a priceless treasure that it is. Let us love creation the way God intended us to love it.

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